Intercultural Communication

Here are some useful topics, in alphabetical order, for Intercultural Communication:

Australian Slang Glossary - Pre-intermediate level - webpage

Body Language - Intermediate level plus - YouTube video (1.5hrs)

British Culture Information  - Pre-intermediate level plus - website

British Slang Glossary - Pre-intermediate level plus  -webpage

Communication Theory for Healthcare Workers - Upper Intermediate level plus - PDF file

Communication-Management Development - Advanced level learners plus - PDF file

Communication Process-Lesson Plan - Teacher - PDF

Film Sources and Ideas for Their Use - Advanced level learners - PDF file

Indian Influence on English Language - Upper Intermediate level plus - Webpage

Joy Luck Club Analysis - Intermediate level plus - Webpage

Latin in Modern Books and Film - Upper Intermediate plus - Webpage

US Immigration and Language - Intermediate level plus - PDF file

Video Game Language Enters Mainstream Culture - Upper Intermediate level plus - Webpage

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