Thursday, July 26, 2012

The Simpsons Gun Shop Clip

This is a short clip from an episode of the satirical cartoon series. 
Irony, satire and figurative language are explained to some degree at this link:
The Simpsons clip emphasizes some of the arguments regarding the constitutional right to bear arms in the US.  For upper intermediate to advanced students with a background knowledge of the arguments for and against the right to bear arms, this video clip provides not only context-based listening and discussion opportunities, but could set the foundation for a more formal debate, for and against such a right. Discussion points could revolve around Homer Simpson’s attitude and reasons for wanting to buy a gun, as well as the attitude and actions of the gun salesman.
Before watching the clip it would be useful to provide students with the basic laws outlining gun ownership in the US. (See: )  It might also be valuable to encourage students to share their relevant knowledge.  This should provide a more level footing for all students to view the video clip.
After watching the clip and discussing the two characters’ attitudes, the student group could be divided arbitrarily into two debate groups: one group for and one group against the right to bear arms. Preparation time (on-line, preferably) would give students the opportunity to develop arguments based on ‘solid’ evidence.
News of the recent Colorado cinema shooting at this link:

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