Saturday, September 3, 2016

Improving Wikipedia

How many teachers have warned their students about referring to or citing from Wikipedia due to its lack of reliability? A recent article spoke about one lecturer making Wikipedia a foundation for student development and study projects. The students develop existing pages on a chosen subject, by correcting or adding to existing information. Citations are added as they go, creating knowledge and awareness in the students, as well as reliable, citable sources for future visitors.

Me, Myself and I

Ever wondered when to use the words I or Me? This article in The Economist attempts to clarify the situation.

Teaching Observation and Improvement

It's easy for anyone to get stuck in a rut and continue doing things that have low value. Teachers benefit from peer observations and feedback as a way of raising awareness of their teaching practice. Having someone else appraise the effectiveness of what a teacher does can be a great eye-opener. The areas of practice referred to in this article may help fine-tune or remind teachers of better, more effective approaches to teaching.