Friday, September 18, 2020

Tenses and Time References at The Hairdresser's

The following short diary account focuses on tenses and time references. 

It's aimed at pre-intermediate EFL students and could be used as a model for their own short writing or speaking practice. It's an opportunity to match tenses to time references while describing activities that relate to simple every day activities.

Today 1. I  had my hair cut.  2. It's been about six months since the last time. That time 3. I went to my regular barber, but this time 4. I tried a new one nearer to where 5. I live and on my daily walking route.


  1. the act, the haircut is over - today is not over. 
  2. it has been - from past to present, using since
  3. six months ago - past definite time reference 
  4. this time = hair cut today - is over
  5. unchanging / generally true