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Fun Article -Words That Appear Rude That Are Not

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The following images and explanations are just for fun.

Rambo bread works...
These 3 words outside a bakery provide an unintentional play on words.  'Breadworks' if written as a single word could have been an attempt at describing a place where bread is made because 'works' is sometimes added to a product name to refer to a factory, as in brickworks, glassworks and steelworks. 'Breadworks' does not appear in any dictionaries I've looked in.  Bakery is a common reference to a place where bread is made.  In the photograph above however there are two words (bread works) rather than one, which suggest a noun followed by a verb rather than simply a noun, or name.  Leaving us with the idea that Rambo bread is successful in some way.  Film buffs amongst us will be familiar with muscle-bound actor Sylvester Stallone's portrayal of John Rambo in the 'Rambo' films.  This leaves us to conclude that bread made by Rambo (Rambo bread) creates the muscles and bravery (works) for which Rambo is famous.

Unsightly and Peculiar...
'Unsightly' means unpleasant to look at.  'Peculiar' means strange or odd.

Perfessional made-to-measure service...
'Professional' is the correct spelling.

Toilet Tourism
The term 'toilet tourism' suggests the type of tourism that is available.  'Tourist toilets', or simply 'toilets' would be appropriate.

Mrs Lai - Grill pig
 'Mrs Lai - Grill Pig' suggests a negative nickname or description for Mrs Lai.  Calling someone 'a pig' in English is not usually a good thing, suggesting that person is either lazy, messy, dirty or fat.  'Grilled pig' however is simply a description of the food served at Mrs Lai's restaurant.  'Grill' is a noun, whereas 'grilled' is an adjective. 'Grill pig' describes Mrs Lai, whereas 'grilled' describes the food (pig) and how it is cooked.