Monday, July 30, 2012


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These videos show the viewers how to cook a variety of dishes.  They list the ingredients and offer a step by step guide through the cooking process, much like an audio-visual cook book.  Although the full spoken script isn’t shown in the form of subtitles, the key words are displayed.  This is sufficient scaffolding for pre-intermediate learners to follow what is already a fairly limited language task.  The main language focus being the (imperative) verbs of action.  See the following link for information about the imperative:

The videos also include key vocabulary directly related to the dish being made. 
Pre-teaching of recipe specific items may be useful before watching the video.  However,  one task for stronger students might be to make a list of unfamiliar vocabulary while they watch the video.  This list can be shared and checked before watching for a second time, perhaps with the aim of reporting the recipe and cooking process to partners, after the second viewing.
View these videos at:

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