Monday, July 2, 2012

Obama Speech

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This is a video of a speech made by President Obama, a gifted public speaker.   Listen to this as an example of a beautifully delivered and scripted speech.  Rhetorical strategies, such as repetition of key words and phrases, the use of opposites (light and dark) and the use of themes (time), amongst others, are crafted into the script so well they are almost undetectable.  The pace of delivery, the tone of voice and the rapport built by being aware of his audience and their needs are all qualities worth analyzing for the development of learners' public speaking skills. 
This video could first be used in a listening exercise where students need to listen out for and identify certain rhetorical startegies, analyze how they are used and determine what impact they have on the speech as a whole. Before an exercise like this students would need sufficient input on these strategies and how they are constructed as phrases.
Learners could attempt to include certain types of rhetorical strategies in their own speeches and these could be one element to focus on for specific feedback in their speaking skills development.

Watch the video at:

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