Saturday, August 18, 2012

The Big Bang Theory - second conditional sentences.

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This video shows snippets from the comedy series 'The Big Bang Theory' which focus on use of second conditional sentences.  Although the second conditional is often taught to intermediate level EFL students, these clips in general demand a higher level of English as well as knowledge and undersatnding of US culture to be fully understood.  Having said that, students familiar with the culture could find these snippets quite funny.  Although the conditional sentences are subtitled, the language that surrounds them could be problematic to intermediate or lower level students.

If students are simply required to analyse the structure of the highlighted sentences this could easily be achieved by  intermediate level students, partly because of the subtitles.  The video could even be paused at appropriate spots in order to let the weaker students think about them for longer.  If this is the intended course of action, students should be exposed to the sentence structure and given sentence examples before watching the video.

This is an opportunity to listen to the language in context, to analyze sentence structure and perhaps, for stronger students, to discuss that context a little further.  
Watch the clip at:

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