Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Coronation Street- post attack melt-down

This clip is taken from a long-standing British tv soap: Coronation Street.  A cast of stereotypical everyday characters live in the street living so-called normal lives.  Of course, to keep the story flowing there is something happening all the time.  This clip shopws the aftermath of an incident where one of the girls has lost money to a culprit who is now on the run.  It gives an opportunity for intermediate and above EFL students to listen to colloquial English terms such as 'scumbag', 'bottle something up' and 'psychobabble' spoken in regional British English accents.  There are also British cultural references to the constant supply of  tea and one of its reported benefits. For students of intercultural communication the relationships and attitudes expressed between the family members might also be interesting.

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