Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Present Perfect Cartoon Videos

Watch the present perfect cartoon clips here.

These six short cartoon video clips contain easy to identify examples of the present perfect tense.  All six come from The New Yorker and are satirical in nature.  Consequently, for students, understanding the real meaning, or for teachers, explaining the meaning, may take more effort than recognizing the actual words spoken.  Cultural context plays a significant role in fully appreciating the meaning of these statements.  So, for lower level (pre-intermediate) EFL students, being able to hear and repeat the statements may be a suitable level of expectation.  For higher level  EFL students (Upper- intermediate, plus) however, these cartoons could act as opportunities for delving into the deeper levels of the present perfect tense, or could even be used as discussion catalysts for issues such as the role that tv has in shaping society's views, views on alcohol consumption, religious concepts and differences between religions, and so on.

Watch the present perfect cartoon clips here.

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