Thursday, September 6, 2012

Movie Clips, Language Worksheets, and More

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This website contains numerous movie clips selected for their use of specific grammar points.  There are also brief introductions to the movie clips, introductions to the target grammar, questions about the clip for students to answer, as well as answers to those.  The list of movies and language points are at the bottom of the page, not the most obvious place.  Each clip is labelled as appropriate for particular language learners.  It is worth noting that teachers would need more presentation of the language than that offered on this website. 

In lessons, the movie clips could either be used as starting points from which to pull out particular phrases, or used as a resource for students to listen for particular target language.  As starting points teachers could ask simple questions similar to these: "What did X say in reply to Y?" or "What did X say to Y at the front door?"  By isolating and focusing, students know what to listen for.  Their replies could be recorded visually on the whiteboard so that the language presentation/elicitation can develop from there.  The worksheets on the site could be used after students have some understanding of the target language.

There is no guarantee of accuracy even when a team of writers and editors collaborate, so I advise teachers to check for themselves before using the resources.  Having said that the features I reviewed looked fine.
View the website at:

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